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Kanstra Enterprises

Specialized services supporting foreign travel businesses.
Making India closer to you, with our bespoke travel services, marketing and public relation services.
Make India an important target market. Making the Indian Traveller, travel in the correct way, do the right things and experience originality. Leave the how, what, when and where to us. Just motivate yourself not to make any compromises. Make every trip count! And up your level of expectations, to tap into this huge Indian Travel Market and build a solid bond with India.



Kanstra is a specialist in developing and implementing focused strategies to enhance and expand tourism businesses. This includes various methods to target the travel trade industry, media and ultimately reach the consumer in order to create that magical conversion of sale.


We also assist our clients to determine the scope of work necessary in order to optimize potential and achieve their tourism objectives.




Kanstra is a specialist in developing and implementing focused strategies in tourism. This includes various methods to target the potential traveler, the travel trade industry, media and ultimately reach the consumer in order to create that magical conversion of sale.


We also assist our clients to determine the scope of work necessary in order to optimize potential and achieve their tourism objectives.

We believe that there is no fixed strategy for everyone. It is thus of prime importance to understand the product along with the objectives in order to create the perfect blend that will work for you.

Newer Places
Bespoke Travel Services
PR, Sales, Marketing & Media



A travel specialist that offers Bespoke Luxury Travel Services for travelers and agents that want to offer something beyond the extraordinary.

With a personalised approach to get to know products individually, in order to understand the core values of the brand we design genuine bespoke/tailor made solutions to suit your requirements.  Our thirst, passion and drive makes these solutions are creative, unique, and innovative. 


We are in the business of creating demand sales and revenue generation. Working as a peer of your company, we grasp a fast and thorough understanding of your strategic and commercial objectives so that we can devise results-driven marketing and media programmes. Our goal is to provide you with the best service and advice to effectively and efficiently give you something that will blow your mind. 


We are bespoke travel specialist we are a boutique focused organisation, developing and building the luxury travel market in India, through the travel industry & consumer channels.




Best Best & Best! But what is the best? That's the real question?

When it comes to luxury, everyone seems to use this term as often as they can... most people associate various elements that in reality are far from luxury. We have a formally trained team, who will define the true meaning of luxury when it comes to not only experiencing it but experiencing in the real setting. As well known - there are some things you cannot buy, but for all the others we will surely find a way. Cherish those experiences, live the memories and let us do the rest! 




The ability to create the right perception in the consumers mind, and develop marketing activities using the right marketing mix that appeal to the target audience.

Educating and building the brand image (including recognition, recall and perception) in the best possible way !

We are big on ideas and have the local expertise to achieve goals...



The ability to create the right perception in the consumers mind, and make you feel that something that will leave you spellbound. Understanding mindsets, prefrences and creating the most appropriate mix to finally leave you with stories that are cherished.

Big ideas, small niche experiences, immersive moments to take you to "your real" fantasy land. 




Make it real, make it happen & harness the potential! That's all that there is... use our expert advice and do it the right way. Don't just think regular activities but rather use our creativity to innovatively do clever things, think out of the box & be bold - then lets match your requirements perfectly. We don't put our carefully crafted plans on a page, we beilve that the interests of each differ, and bespoke is the only way forward. Let's make the reality into a fantasy & change the fantasy to an experience! Expect the amazing, be bold, be innovative and above all be yourself!



When you think travel, think of us. With our personal travel experience, having seen the world in our way we can offer a bespoke experience and going to the drawing board to create the perfect mix. The less known - the better we make it. Every small element that makes you happy will try to be included - making you paint your canvas in your way with an authentic experience that remains undiluted.

We urge you to contact us, so we can offer a more specialized service than just giving you a broad spectrum. Let's get talking.


Bespoke Travel Services: Establishing a connection with potential clients and allowing us to promote / develop your product / destination. Provide a personalized touch thereby creating confidence. Being able to act as a ‘private concierge’ for travellers / travel trade, assisting and guiding them at every level. This will result in word of mouth and repeat vacations. Our aim motive is, to act as a catalyst, multiply this chain reaction. Providing real time support to sales teams and maximising sales. Opening up new avenues and creating experiences like never before!

Training, Support and Trade Development: Tailor made training and support to showcase niche products. This helps to educate and showcase offerings. It is a 2 way communication process where it addresses queries and doubts. It also provides great insight to understand mindsets and fine tune activities. Selecting / identifying new trade distribution partners and providing all the necessary support. 


​Trade Fair & Workshop Participation: which includes seminars, MICE workshops, B2B interactions etc. 


Familiarisation trips for Media and Trade : Conceptualizing, identifying the right media/trade to be in, organizing and executing FAM / Press trips including all travel arrangements. Follow up reports and feedback is provided after the trip.


Concept Planning, Creative Development and Advertising: India is vast and diverse country in terms of culture and people. By creating an extremely focused strategy with a clear motive and a concept that appeals (likes, dislikes and preferences) is the prime objective. Keeping the concept in mind with the global mindset and giving a twist of the local flavor which will assist to create ‘top of the mind recall.’


Direct Mail: Often overlooked in the online world, but a focused direct mail exercise can still deliver stellar results. 


Social Media & Web Marketing: Using various tactics, creating interactive experience with the target audience. T


Event Management: Managing events successfully right from conceptualization to execution. Events include: Consumer Shows, Trade Shows, Bespoke Events, Partnerships, Strategic tie ups etc. 


Public Relations (PR): Liaison with the travel trade press for additional support.


Research and Analysis: Analysing the market conditions, conducting research and learning from those experiences that will help to fine tune our marketing strategy.



Experienced with numerous personal travel stories along with a deep understanding of likes, needs, preferences combined with practicality to provide the optimum solution. Come and feel the difference! Contact us.

+91 - 9821052624



The travel business in India is quite complicated and is largely unstructured and includes various layers including wholesalers, retailers, travel agents, tour operators, boutique owners and online travel agencies. Among these exist some specialists like luxury, adventure, MICE etc. Some focus on specific regions like Europe & Africa etc. Plus this complexity is magnified with the large size, diversity etc. Having a good partner that understand the business is a great booster to establish the business their India.

Well-travelled & Wealthy: India is home to 75 Billionaires, 275,000 Millionaires and over a Million people with a net-worth over 100,000 USD. 


29 ethnically diverse states and 22 widely spoken languages make India one of the most diverse nations in the world. The likes, tastes and preferences differ widely but the key is to offer the correct combination.

Why India
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+91 - 9821052624


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We believe that great ideas can never put on a single page. Great ideas & bespoke solutions will be carefully crafted based on the objectives to create stunning solutions.

Please call us, we will be delighted to connect...

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